Recollections of a Neighbourhood
Huron-Sussex from UTS to Stop Spadina

In this ambitious new geographical memoir, residents of a historic Toronto district share personal recollections of their defiance in the face of destruction and the special moments of daily life that have made their community unique and lasting. Words Indeed Publishing proudly announces Nancy Williams and Marie Scott-Baron, editors, Recollections of a Neighbourhood.

This lavishly illustrated and lively volume begins with semi-feudal land grants in the 1790s and culminates in the creation of the Robarts Library and Rochdale College and the sudden and dramatic death of the would-be Spadina Expressway.

Part history and part memoir, Recollections of a Neighbourhood gives the reader a sense of what and who made this neighbourhood so special. Academics, writers, activists, artists, neighbours, working together to build and preserve a Toronto of which they, and we, could be proud. With scores of photographs, many by designer Anne Vellone, specially commissioned maps from Mariange Beaudry of the University of Toronto Cartography Office, and reminiscences by residents spanning over 60 years – ‘from UTS to Stop Spadina’ – Recollections reveals the history and the texture of life in a lively, close-knit, somewhat bohemian Victorian neighbourhood in central Toronto.

Words Indeed launched Recollections of a Neighbourhood 15 December 2013 in the Great Hall at Hart House. In the spring, the book won a silver award for Best Independent Publisher (‘IPPY’ awards based in the U.S). Writers and publishers from all over Canada and the United States had submitted about four thousand new titles for the prizes.

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Praise for Recollections of a Neighbourhood

‘In the late 60s and early 70s, this small but unforgettable neighbourhood was “my Toronto”. How wonderful, forty years later, to find its past revived and its particular magic celebrated in this lively word-portrait. And best of all, it’s still there!’

Laurie Dennett, author of A Hug for the Apostle, about the Camino

‘Recollections of a Neighbourhood is a touching memoir of a much loved Toronto neighbourhood. Through a collection of personal stories, the book urges us to steward our architectural and cultural heritage. This is a beautiful book to be treasured.’

Pat Hanson, partner, gh3 architects + landscape architects

‘A thoughtful and thought-provoking book. A beautiful combination of words and images, that offers its readers a historical tour of a wonderful neighborhood. Readers who lived or worked in the area are treated to a delightful tour down memory lane, in good times as well as hard. The story of Huron-Sussex is told by a plurality of voices speaking chorally and with great affection, though each presents the neighborhood from a unique perspective.’

Domenico Pietropaolo, principal St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto

‘This is a beautiful and useful book. Edited by the late Nancy Williams and Marie Scott-Baron, elegantly designed & composed by Anne Vellone, along with her original photography—Recollections of a Neighbourhood is an important contribution to Toronto’s history, and something the city’s neighbourhoods need more of.’

Brian Fawcett, author of Human Happiness