Rind in the Marmalade A Headhunter’s Tales

Tony van Straubenzee


  • 400 pages • paperback • 5.5" x 8.25"
  • ISBN: 978-0-9865166-6-5
  • $29.95 CAN/US
  • 2016

Rind in the Marmalade, with original photography by David Junop and Anne Vellone.

Tony van Straubenzee worked in human resources on Toronto’s Bay Street, specializing in executive-level headhunting, while the high-rise canyon of today was taking form. Needing only two comfortable chairs, he has interviewed every personality type and witnessed the range of human behaviour, while filling hundreds of high-level positions for numerous clients. He has now confected Rind in the Marmalade: full of scrumptious, bite-sized tales — lively and colourful, a few heart-breaking, many screamingly funny — about the vast array of characters,both in and out of the limelight, whom he has met over the decades. As president of the Empire Club and the York Club, he has hosted such luminaries as Ronald Reagan, Robertson Davies, and Christopher Plummer. As you’ll see, Tony is the consummate host and showman, an inspired fund-raiser, a budding impresario, and one of the best storytellers you’ll ever meet. Always ready with his wicked wit, eager to help, and on the lookout for more entertaining tales. Enjoy!

‘Tony van Straubenzee is an original and one of Canada’s most captivating storytellers. Fortunately, he has now put those stories in print. With piercing and unvarnished insight into his life and those of others, his stories are a wonderful weave of the human condition we cannot escape and some of the great business and political events that took our country forward in the twentieth century. In his characteristically impish way, he tickles our funny bone and reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. It is no small wonder that he became a leader in the executive headhunting profession, with a front-row seat on Bay Street.’

Shawn s. Cooper, Managing Director, Russell Reynolds Canada